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Construction Marketing Outlook 2013 - SURVEY RESULTS

Construction Outlook 2013 Survey Research

November 15, 2012 – The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces the results of a 2012 survey of construction marketers that identifies marketing budget outlook, top marketing priorities, and marketing plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

The anonymous survey was conducted via SurveyMonkey, a web-based tool, and posed eight (8) questions:

1. For the coming fiscal year, do you intend to increase or decrease marketing activities and budgets?

2. What is your most important marketing priority for 2013?

3. What marketing tactics will increase in 2013?

4. What marketing tactics will decrease in 2013?

5. Do you develop an annual marketing plan?

6. Do you develop a strategic marketing plan?

7. Do you develop a marketing budget?

8. If so, what type of marketing budget?

To view results, CLICK HERE.


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